E Komo mai (welcome) to CCC Kokua Solutions!  We are so glad you have found your way to our website.

One of the most important goals in our organization is helping all individuals find their ‘aloha spirit’.

What is ‘aloha spirit’?

The foundations of the “aloha spirit” are love, honor, respect and “Ohana” (family), one will feel a sense of belonging, with all invited to be a part of the garden’s ohana and help bring this magical and inclusive place to life.  Our garden is where we plant seeds, nurture and grow.

We start you off with a planter box garden, which in turn can be transformed into your inner core garden.  Both work simultaneously and in synchronistic harmony.

Ignited by imagination and filled with abundant opportunities, there will always be new things to create.  Your senses will come alive and you will manifest fond memories to last lifetimes.

Please join this adventure of building spectacular gardens, one step and garden at a time.

There Are Various Ways To Be Involved