Company Overview

This initiative was born to be an organization recognized for its value of commitment. We are compelled to take action by stepping into the role of stewards for humanity. We believe no being should be in lack of basic resources, such as, Health, Nutrition and Education.

At CCC Kokua Solutions, we have been inspiring individuals to be the best versions of themselves by being a positive role-model. We connect you with the resources required in finding your path to life’s purpose.

Our organization‘s vision focuses on planting seeds and watching the growth transformation until the necessary skills have been achieved. We will assist in bringing communities together by bridging gaps. And, find solutions to any situation – no matter how daunting it may be.

Our mission is to be of service to others by demonstrating the act of ‘kokua’. Kokua is a Hawaiian word meaning – giving to others for their benefit.


Whether your requests are big or small, CCC Kokua Solutions will find the perfect answer that fits your needs.  We respect your personal journeys and will make every effort to customize your project’s success from end to end.


We operate with integrity by doing the right thing and never compromising our values.



Simply explained, helping you helps our organization.  Together we will co-create a benevolent win-win situation for this planet. We encourage and implement the PIF concept (Pay it forward). We will collaborate on any goal, do research and vet prospective humanitarian projects with our advanced technology and methodical skills.